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Our Values


At Kington St Michael CE Primary School we use our values so that all the children can appreciate and remember our school aims. We respond to the unique needs of every child. A calm, happy and purposeful learning environment is fostered within a caring community. An active partnership is encouraged between children, parents, governors, teachers and the whole community.

Values are felt and believed, they are seen and heard every minute of every day. A set of core values gives all in our community a common purpose, an ethos that supports the pupil as a reflective learner and, in turn, promotes quality teaching and learning.


What are our KSM Values?

They are the principles that guide the way we behave. KSM values are based on Roots and Fruits scheme which supports Christian worship and spiritual and moral development in our school.  This compliments our school ethos and Christian distinctiveness. We feel that all children should grow up with an understanding of these values in order to become a good citizen. One value is focused upon each term in a three-year cycle. The children will revisit a value, progressively gaining a deeper understanding.



First Year of Cycle


Second Year of Cycle


Third Year of Cycle













































We discuss the meaning, use and benefits of the value in assemblies and circle time and encourage its use around school. We look at what the word means, different words meaning the same and why it is important in our lives. Value Certificates and stickers are awarded to those who have demonstrated that particular value well.

Parents may find it useful to know which value we are focusing on each term, in order to discuss at home. Don’t forget that you can find out more about this term’s value by looking at the link below:

Our value for Term 1 is Thankfulness

Our value for Term 2 is Trust

Our value for Term 3 is Perseverance

Our value for Term 4 is Justice

Our value for Term 5 is Service

As a Christian school we have thought carefully about the above values and as a school we have chosen six core values which we feel are particularly relevant and pertinent to life at KSM.

These are:








We give our children regular opportunities to reflect on these six Core values and to develop an understanding of these values in action. We believe these values empower our pupils to develop their spirituality and guide them in personal development as effective learners and good citizens.



As a Church of England School, we seek to underpin the ideals of Christian concern and love. We aim to:


  • Encourage mutual understanding, respect and positive attitudes between children, teachers and parents, creating the best environment in which learning can take place

  • Provide a quality education within a safe, stimulating Christian environment

  • Maintain good communication between all

  • Maintain good relationships and teamwork

  • Provide an emotionally safe environment where learners are able to take risks and make mistakes

  • Develop an environment where a love of learning is fostered and enquiring and questioning minds are developed

  • Plan fun, creative, interesting and enjoyable experiences

  • Provide high expectations and challenge for all

  • Foster ownership and partnership for children in their own learning

  • Maintain a learner-focused environment with meaningful and purposeful experiences

  • Provide time for play, relaxation and reflection

  • Plan activities that develop critical thinking, creativity and questioning, through collaborative learning experiences

  • Encourage responsibility

  • Recognise, celebrate and share success and achievement

  • Maintain fairness and a flexibility to provide inclusion for all

  • Celebrate individuality

  • Foster an understanding and recognition that success comes in many forms and all individuals have differing strengths

  • Have staff who have, and develop in the children, a passion and excitement for learning

  • Have staff who provide excellent role models for all pupils

  • Maintain an atmosphere of trust, respect and honesty

  • Instil a constant desire to develop, improve and raise standards


Reflection, stillness and quiet

Children at our school are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour in the light of the core values. They are helped to understand that if they think carefully about the values, their behaviour will become more positive and the quality of their learning enhanced.

We give time for stillness and quiet reflection to help them take responsibility for their learning and behaviour. We use this in assemblies, in classrooms and with individual pupils.

A candle is lit in assemblies to create a calm and spiritual atmosphere. Each class has a reflection area where children may go in order to be by themselves or with a friend to talk or think. We also have a designated Prayer Space which children can use for prayer and further reflection.



Children at Kington St Michael CE Primary school say about our values:


“Values make you think twice.”


“Our values make us all nice to each other.”


“Our values help you make the right decision at the right time.”