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Bus Prefects

KSM Bus Prefects

At KSM, we have bus prefects who support the younger children who travel on the dedicated school bus from home to school and vice versa each day.


Bus Prefects roles and responsibilities.

Bus Prefects are elected once a year. Bus prefects' roles and responsibilities include reporting any concerns to the head teacher, helping others (if required) and making the journey as safe and pleasant as possible. This involves modelling good safe behaviour on the bus, sitting down and keeping seat belts on at all times. Bus Prefects must adhere to school rules and regulations at all times. The main duty of a bus prefects is to support younger pupils on the bus, to reassure them, help them getting on and off the bus and making sure they have all their things with them.

Parents and carers help their child on to the bus each morning and put seat belts on. This is done a member of KSM staff on the return journey home.


What are the duties of a Bus Prefect?

Bus Prefects need to be kind, thoughtful, cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, respectful and responsible.

Our Bus prefects also display leadership qualities, are confident and show initiative skills. They are keen and willing to take on extra responsibilities.

Bus Prefects are given a special badge to wear so the bus driver and fellow pupils know who the Bus Prefects are. They report to the head teacher regularly regarding behaviour on the bus and any issues. They are also encouraged to report examples of positive behaviour.